City of Lost Characters: The Statistics

as of post 20,017 (Sep 29, 2017)

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City Of Lost Characters has been going strong since October 18, 2015. For us, it's been two years of hilarity, drama and alpaca memes, even though for the poor characters it has only been eighteen days. We're nearly two-thirds through the planned length of the RP, and it's as good a time as any to celebrate the past two years of fun with some delicious numbers.

Obviously the data shouldn't be treated as gospel; there might be minor errors here and there. In particular there can sometimes be tiny mistakes in the wordcount, due to the way the data is prepared and analyzed; however the error should be negligible in most cases.

Junk posts (those consisting solely of "whoops", "double post", "thumped" etc.) are not counted in most of the statistics.

The wordcount

As of post 20,017, City of Lost Characters contains approximately 3,838,452 words, written over the period of 715 days. This is roughly equivalent to...

This gives an average of roughly 5368 words written every (real) day, comparable to a typical short story's length.

The wordcount of the RP has been increasing ever faster and faster with each passing month. In fact, its progression can be accurately expressed as a power function in N (where N is a number of the in-game Day.) If the current increasing trend continues as before, then, by the time Day 30 is over, the RP will have approximately 8,789,480 words.

The individual days

Getting through eighteen in-game Days took us approximately 19930 posts, containing about 3,819,686 words written over 709 real-time days. On average, one in-game Day lasted 39 real-time days and contained 212,205 words (approximately the length of Dostoyevsky's Crime and Punishment).

The three longest Days (in terms of number of posts): Day 15 — Holiday (1901), Day 14 — Competition (1579), Day 11 — Ocean (1465).

The three longest Days (in terms of real-time duration): Day 12 — Space (64 days), Day 15 — Holiday (58 days), Day 11 — Ocean (55 days).

The three wordiest Days: Day 15 — Holiday (398,904 words), Day 11 — Ocean (315,010 words), Day 14 — Competition (311,228 words). The high position of Day 15 is not surprising, since that's when all the characters were calling their home universes and thus the players typed a lot more than usual.

Days with most average posts per real day: Day 10 — Beach (avg 41 posts/day), Day 8 — Species swap (avg 40 posts/day), Day 14 — Competition (avg 40 posts/day.) Day 10's high position is unsurprising, since it took place smack dab in the middle of summer holidays, when people had more time to RP.

The posts

The top ten longest posts (in terms of wordcount) are:

The top eight shortest posts (in terms of wordcount) are: (not counting the aforementioned "junk" posts)

The players

(Note: Hover your mouse over a player's username to see a list of their PC's.)

There have been 72 active players (i.e. those who made at least one post in the main thread) in the RP so far, including the GM himself.

Top five players with the most posts: AllHailThrall (1622), ColeMinor (1532), FullMoon (1405), DeisTheAlcano (1085), secretlyasuperhero (862). FirockFinion (the GM) has written 1420 posts.

Top five players with the largest total wordcount: FullMoon (258,223), ColeMinor (232,524), AllHailThrall (227,878), DeisTheAlcano (201,569), JamesShields (200,214). But Firock dwarfs them all anyway with his 649,426 words.

Top five players with the biggest average wordcount per post (only players with a minimum of 50 posts are listed): SchoolYardBlues (348), Locoman (315), JamesShields (305), Yomegami (275), Alleydodger (260). Firock himself takes the cake again, with an average of 457.

Top five players with the smallest average wordcount per post (again, 50 posts minimum): Weirdguy149 (60), Cybersbe (66), Ominae (71), EchoingSilence (73), astrokitty (83).

Top four players with the most characters:

Top four players who have switched characters the most times: Makaioh (6 times), ShoutmonZ (6), ProTrash (5), FullMoon (5)

Top five players who were around the longest, i.e. have the biggest gap between their first and last post number: AllHailThrall, Locoman, DeisTheAlcano, Ominae, FullMoon (most of them made their debut on the 1st page of the RP). And of course Firock.

The player characters

In total, 138 different PC's have appeared in the RP so far (i.e. had at least one post in the main thread.)

Top five characters with the most posts: Ben Tennyson (1623), Cole (1454), sans (1082), Rex Salazar (1075) and Caro (658). The list, predictably, almost entirely mirrors that of the top 5 players.

Top five characters with most total words in their posts: Ben (227,882), Cole (220,505), SANS (200,489), Caro (200,220) and Rex (198,673). No surprises there.

Top five characters who were around the longest, i.e. have the biggest gap between their first and last post number: Ben, Rick and Morty, Rex Salazar, Gon, Mary (mostly because of her reappearance after a long break).

Number of Samurai Jacks so far: 3.

Longest lifetime observed in a Samurai Jack: Vampireandthen's Jack, which survived for as long as 13 posts. In contrast, Weirdguy149's Jack lived for 7 posts, and kagescorpionakki's specimen expired after just one. It's worth noting that both of these players never posted in the thread again afterwards. Is it too early to speak of a "Curse of the Samurai"?